Thai cardiothoracic surgeon launches air ambulance service

Dr Kornprom Saengaram, known for his dual expertise as a cardiothoracic surgeon and a professional pilot, announced the launch of an air ambulance service, AirAMB, in Thailand. Aligned with the nation’s vision of becoming a regional medical hub, the service aims to capitalise on the scarcity of similar facilities across Indochina, explained Dr Kornprom.

“The opportunities for an air ambulance service in Thailand are significant, given the demand from the neighbouring countries and the lack of such services in the region.”

AirAMB, currently awaiting regulatory clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, is slated to begin operations this year. The endeavour anticipates a total investment exceeding 200 million baht, with plans to eventually expand into the charter flight sector.

Dr Kornprom anticipates substantial demand from patients in Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, with daily flights into Thailand. The service will cater primarily to emergency and critical cases requiring access to affordable and high-quality medical facilities in Thailand.

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“Our airline will provide more than just transport; it will offer medical assistance en route with doctors accompanying patients in need of urgent treatment”

Dr Kornprom, who fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a pilot after establishing a career in medicine, drew parallels between the two professions, reported Bangkok Post.

“Being a pilot or a surgeon requires advanced planning, effective evaluation, quick decision-making, and the capacity to handle complex problems.”

Dr Kornprom also highlighted the role of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), in enhancing medical services. While AI currently assists more in diagnosis than treatment, its potential to improve productivity through pre-diagnosis and result validation is significant. Automation can also streamline medication dispensing, thereby reducing human errors.

“AI should be viewed as a tool for physicians, not a replacement. With its robust medical sector, Thailand has the potential to nurture an ecosystem of AI medical startups.”

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