Woman demands cash from Bangkok mall after being bitten by a venomous snake

Photo via Apple Samart

A Thai woman complained on social media that a Bangkok shopping mall refuses to take responsibility after she got bitten by a venomous snake in the mall’s car park in the Bang Kae district.

The woman posted her story on Facebook under the account name, Apple Samart, on July 31, where she uploaded pictures of the offending snake, a red tailed pit viper, and her swollen foot.

Apple Samart wrote…

“Warning!!! Being bitten by a snake while walking inside a shopping mall in Bang Kae. The shopping mall refused to take action, saying they weren’t the owner of the snake.”

According to her post, she was bitten by the snake on Friday, July 29 while walking from the car park to the mall. After she was bitten, she bludgeoned the snake to death and took it with her to the hospital.

Apple Samart reported that the shopping mall’s emergency car driver didn’t seem at all concerned and didn’t turn on the siren. She added that he dropped her at the hospital and went back to the mall as if nothing happened.

Doctors insisted she remained in hospital for 2-3 days. Her foot was very swollen, her blood pressure reduced and she feared her heart could stop at any time.

Apple Samart added that the shopping mall wouldn’t take any responsibility because they said it wasn’t their snake, so that’s why she posted the story on social media and filed a complaint at Phasi Charoen Police Station.

The mall staff admitted they hadn’t reported the incident to the executive board because it was a holiday when she got bitten and they weren’t at work.

After her story went viral the shopping mall made a contact and offered to pay her medical bills. But her accident insurance had already covered the costs which were about 30,000 baht.

Apple Samart asked the mall for compensation because she couldn’t go to work and lost income. Staff said she would have to wait until the executive board to return from holiday.

A celebrity lawyer, Decha Kittiwittayanan, explained to the media that the shopping mall couldn’t refuse to take responsibility for the case because it happened in the shopping mall area. He said the shopping mall is expected to protect customers’ bodies and assets. If customers are injured in the area, the shopping mall must pay compensation.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Kapook | Channel 7

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