VIDEO: Pro-wakeskater surfs Bangkok floods

Flooded Bangkok became a playground for world-renowned pro-wakeskater and wakeboarder Daniel Grant, who showed off his skills on the submerged streets outside Bangkok University last night. Gnarly!

The Bangkok-born, 24 year old half-Thai watersports champion made flying through the floods on his wakeskate board look easy and he even landed kickflips in the ankle-deep water.

Wakeskating is like wakeboarding, except nothing is attaching you to the board, making it even more impressive.

Last night, Daniel Grant posted this video on his Instagram account @danielgranttt with the caption…

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“September Week 1. Bangkok is flooding! #WakeskateWednesday in the streets!”

Netizens loved it and hailed Daniel for his “sick,” “gnarly” and “epic” skills. Some people are worried about Daniel’s safety. One Facebook user commented (translated from Thai)…

“You shouldn’t do this. It is very dangerous.”

At one point, Daniel stacks it and it must have hurt hitting the concrete at such a speed. But unlike most Thais on the roads, Daniel is wearing a helmet, so he’s taking some precautions. He’s also a professional, so if he’s not hurting anyone else, what’s to stop him?

The water level has reached one metre in some places in Bangkok, which could be too dangerous for watersports because of strong currents. But, when Daniel wakeskates he needs it to be shallow enough for a car to pull him along.

Another netizen pointed out that the floodwater carries nasty germs. But Daniel doesn’t care, he’s already “sick!”

SOURCE: สรยุทธ สุทัศนะจินดา กรรมกรข่าว

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