Policeman arrested for firing gun in hospital over boyfriend troubles

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A lover’s spat at a Bangkok hospital ended with a policeman being arrested outside of the hospital where he had fired a gun during an argument with his boyfriend. The incident took place at 6.30am today. A 22 year old policeman, was taken into custody near a hospital with a semi-automatic gun.

Upon his arrest, the policeman claimed he had discharged a single shot in frustration after his military nurse boyfriend refused to meet with him. There was some sort of undisclosed dispute, but further investigations are ongoing.

The scuffle apparently started when his partner, a nurse with a military rank of lieutenant, went out without informing his police officer partner. Feeling slighted, the officer went to the Phumiphol Aduldej Hospital in Sai Mai district, Bangkok where his boyfriend worked, with the intention of resolving the matter.

The District Crime Suppression Police of Sai Mai, along with Sub-lieutenant Viroj Pholboon, Deputy Superintendent of Sai Mai Police Station, Sub-lieutenant Sanchai Kirirat, an assistant, and Pol Lt Trongvit Unkad, an investigator, seized the suspect and his weapon, a 9mm pistol registered with a police shield logo.

A total of thirteen 9mm bullets were taken into custody as evidence when they arrested the policeman, reported KhaoSod. The unnamed officer, stationed at the Narathiwat Provincial Police Station, was charged with carrying a firearm without necessity and discharging a firearm in public.

Eyewitnesses from the crime scene on Phaholyothin Road allegedly saw him aiming the firearm downwards while standing near the entrance of the hospital. The suspect admitted to the charges, explaining that he had no intention of harming anyone but his impulsive act of despair came from an argument with his partner.

“I shot at a rat, and didn’t intend to hurt anyone.”

The accused policeman was arrested and he, along with his weapon and other evidence, was subsequently transported to a Sai Mai station and handed over to an investigator. A full investigation and charging according to the law are in progress. The hospital administration, meanwhile, has refused to comment at this stage of the investigation.

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