Online romance scam netted 36 million baht, 1 arrest

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Law enforcement officials arrested an accomplice in a large-scale online romance scam that swindled more than 36 million baht from victims. A 26 year old man from Uthai Thani province had opened a bank account for someone else, allegedly unaware it would be used in fraudulent activities.

In an operation led by Pol Lt Gen Warawut Watnakornbuncha, Investigation Bureau Chief, Pol Lt Col Kapanchakan Klaiklung, and the first Investigation Subdivision 1’s commander, a warrant for the man’s arrest was delivered concerning his involvement in the romance scam.

The accused allegedly took part in scheming, falsely acting as another, and manipulating computer data to commit fraud – actions that harm the public, according to case file no. 337/2565.

An unidentified victim had reported the romance scam, detailing his experience of interaction with the gang operating the online swindle. The group initiated contact via Facebook, using the profile of a beautiful foreign woman to lure in the victim.

The fraudsters forged a close emotional connection with the victim, coercing him into believing that the woman desired to live in Thailand. She would start by sending packages over, and then later she herself planned to move, or so the online romance scam claimed, reported KhaoSod.

One of the fraudsters masqueraded as a customs officer, tricking the victim into thinking that while there were packages delivered, fees would be required to claim them. Falling for the romance scammer’s trap, the victim transferred over 36 million baht in multiple payments, incurring losses in fees and miscellaneous charges.

It was only after the disastrous financial toll that he realised the deception and reported the online romance scam to the Cyber Police.

Upon thorough investigation, the man from Uthai Thani was found to be associated with the gang and was thus apprehended. He admitted to opening a bank account for another individual but denied being privy to its use in deceptive activities. Following his arrest, he was remanded in the custody of the 3rd Investigation Bureau 1 division for further legal action.

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