Nonthaburi to give free vaccines for Thais as 3rd and 4th booster

PHOTO: Covid-19 vaccines will be given for Thais as booster shots in Nonthaburi. (via Pixabay)

Get your booster shots! Officials in the Nonthaburi Health Office announced that they would be offering free third and fourth vaccines as booster shots to all Thai people on January 13 and 14. The vaccines will be offered for free, but those who want to take advantage of the vaccination must register in advance for the shots.

Vaccines will be given to registrants in the compound of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand at the Kamthon Sindhavanda Sports Arena, located in the Bang Kruai district of Nonthaburi on January 13 and 14. They have 7,000 vaccines available to administer as booster shots, though which brand of vaccine was not confirmed, so registration is necessary and limited.

The free booster shots are open to any Thai person who has received any of the following combinations of vaccines, with certain timing requirements:

  • 2 doses of Sinovac vaccines
    • the last dose must be received before December 13
  • 2 doses of Sinopharm vaccines
    • the last dose must be received before December 13
  • 1 dose of Sinovac or Sinopharm followed by 1 dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine
    • the last dose must be received before October 13

Those who fit the requirements must pre-register for the booster vaccine in advance. They will receive an appointment date and time that registrants are advised to follow carefully and arrive on time for their registered appointment. Officials warn that time and vaccines are limited and there will be no confirmation reminder before your appointed time slot so they remind those who sign up for booster shots must be responsible.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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