Hyatt Regency open new Spectrum Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

PHOTO: Award-winning Japanese architecture firm Super Potato tops off Hyatt Regency Bangkok

Bangkok’s newest rooftop bar opens its doors this week as a sparkling new entry in the list of Bangkok’s top-shelf night spots.

Designed by the Japanese design firm Super Potato, the Hyatt Regency Bangkok’s new Spectrum Lounge & Bar is a multi-faceted venue. On three different levels, the expansive lounge features a collection of really cool, intimate spaces.

“The inspiration behind the new venue is a jet-setting couple, who have created a soulful, welcoming space to entertain guests,” explained Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit’s GM, Sammy Carolus.

“This story is told through the design pieces on display, ranging from Thai art to musical instruments, and the variety of distinct areas within the venue, like you’d find in a luxury penthouse.”

Spread over three levels the journey begins on the 29th floor. Handcrafted basket-weave doors lead into a plush gathering space with marble floors and an open kitchen, surrounded by earthy wooden walls. The Thai influence comes through with a scene of the Chao Phraya River decorating one wall and backlit panels with local patterns shedding light over the space. An intimate study room with a shared table features a flat screen TV for presentations, and at night it metamorphoses into a private dining facility with a floor-to-ceiling outlook on the city’s skyline.

The spacious living room entices guests to linger with deep, cushioned chairs and wooden tables spread out over a velvety blue carpet. Above intricate Thai patterns etched into gold panels are an ode to the iconic gold Thai Buddha’s hand. The nearby indoor bar creates an edgier vibe with a sleek, black marble countertop.

A spacious alfresco terrace spans level 30 and 31, the eclectic area features a large open deck with seats for two and alcoves framed by trees with huge daybeds and private tables.

The overall lighting scheme is designed to create a warm and cozy ambiance, a feeling of being at home, with the functionality to change to several scene settings depending on the occasion. The study and meeting room also has its own individual stage control and the lobby space plays with a changing projection – that can be adapted to a particular event.

A selection of premium tapas such as smoked Scottish salmon & Russian caviar atop bagels, wagyu beef sliders, and crispy soft shell crab with tamarind sauce on a taro fritter, are available at the lounge & bar. Craft cocktails, wine, and a comprehensive beer selection make up the drink menu with concoctions such as Mad Mango, chili-infused vodka, mango puree, spicy mango, elderflower, lime, chili and salt; and Giant Pandan, a blend of vodka, Midori, grapefruit juice, pandan, lime, egg white & bitters.

With a total space of 280 square metres Spectrum can host 80 guests for indoor gatherings and 295 people when utilizing the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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