Human skeleton found next to Rat Burana office in Bangkok

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A human skeleton was discovered next to the Rat Burana District Office in Bangkok. The body is believed to have been deceased for over a month. A woman is convinced it is her missing relative after identifying a necklace on the remains.

At 10am today, residents reported finding a human skeleton in Soi Rat Burana 23, Rat Burana District, Bangkok. The location is a vacant plot of land, approximately 8 acres, adjacent to a restaurant.

The skeleton was found in two parts, wearing a grey round-neck t-shirt and shorts. Small pieces of flesh were still attached to the bones. Manith, a 52 year old man who reported the incident, said a Myanmar worker fishing in the area informed him about the discovery late at night. Manith did not check immediately, as it was too late.

Manith recounted that he and a friend went to inspect the site early the next morning and were shocked to find a human skeleton. They promptly informed the police for further investigation. He mentioned that he had never noticed any unusual smells or seen anything suspicious in the area, and his dogs had not behaved abnormally.

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Manith further explained that the land is privately owned and not accessible to outsiders. No restaurant workers have gone missing, which added to his confusion and fear about the identity and origin of the skeleton. He acknowledged feeling a bit scared as he resides close to the discovery site.

Police Major General Phanop Worathanatchakul, commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 8, stated that preliminary examinations suggest the person had been dead for over a month. The bones were scattered, and there were no signs of physical assault. The remains will be sent for DNA testing to confirm the identity, reported KhaoSod.

A group of people observed the investigation, claiming the remains could be their relatives based on the external appearance and a necklace found on the skeleton.

The woman among them expressed strong confidence that the skeleton belonged to her relative who had been missing since April 2. Although she expressed no concerns about the cause of death, she wished they had been found alive.

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