Bangkok taxi driver photographs himself raping 17 year old girl from Myanmar

A Bangkok taxi driver has photographed himself raping a Burmese teenager earlier this month. The girl had been in Bangkok seeking a job, and she told police her aunt made a Facebook post to try to help her find one. Investigators say the alleged rapist, 39 year old Adirek Sae Bae, commented on the post and said he would employ the girl. He used photo of someone else for his profile picture.

On April 1, Adirek is reported to have driven to the girl’s house, and said he would drive her to the employer. But instead, he took her to a ‘love motel’. There, he told her to wait in a hotel room to take an antigen test. He came back to the room, handcuffed her, raped her, and photographed the incident on his phone. Police say Adirek then stole the girl’s phone and 500 baht in cash, before taking her to the Klong Tan police station.

Once at the police station, Adirek reportedly told the police the girl was an illegal migrant with no passport, and left. The officers questioned the girl with the help of an interpreter and learned what had happened to her. They then took her to file a complaint with Hua Mak police.

Police were able to hunt Adirek down, and arrested him at Victory Monument. He now faces charges relating to depriving a person under 18 of liberty, obscenity, forced rape, illegal detention, theft, illegal possession of child pornography for personal gain, along with related offences.

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Police say the girl won’t be charged for entering the country illegally because she was the victim of a crime. She will receive mental-health services before being able to return to Myanmar.

This news comes as Thailand is in the wake of a massive new #MeToo movement. 15 women have now accused the former deputy leader of Thailand’s Democrat Party of sexually abusing them. Earlier this week, Thai feminist groups banded together this morning to stage a protest in front of Democrat party headquarters.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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