Bangkok security guard’s drainage hideout spurs police probe

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A security guard emerged from a drainage pipe after a harrowing four-day ordeal, having taken refuge there out of fear for his life. He claimed he was evading individuals who threatened to harm him and plant drugs on him.

Officials from the rescue services extracted him from his confined hiding place, following which he was rushed to Petchawet Hospital.

The dramatic rescue took place in the heart of Bangkok, where Yosakorn braved the rising waters within the drainage system. The incident, which unfolded over a tense four-day period, prompted a police investigation to unravel the mysteries behind Yosakorn’s claims.

Today, May 12, Police Colonel Apichai Hualjit, Station Chief of Bang Pho Police Station, and Police Lieutenant Colonel Manoon Homlaor, the Deputy Chief of the Investigative Division, along with their team, probed for details at Petchawet Hospital, where Yosakorn was receiving care.

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During the interrogation, Yosakorn recounted how he had left his residence on Sukhumvit Road, Klong Toei, intending to collect a debt from a friend named Ple at Wongwian 22, but could not locate them. When asked for more specifics, Yosakorn could not remember where his friend lived.

He then wandered, eventually finding himself on Rama VII Road and near the entrance to Bang Pho Police Station. There, Yosakorn alleged he encountered a police officer on a motorcycle, accompanied by a group of 10 to 20 people who appeared intent on attacking him.

In a panic, he fled to a nearby vacant area, where the group caught up and attempted to force drugs upon him, which did not materialise. Yosakorn insisted that he managed to break free and hailed a green-yellow taxi near Wat Bang Pho, heading towards Bang Pho junction.

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Throughout the taxi ride, he claimed to see the police and the group following him until he abruptly exited the vehicle at a red light, the location of which he could not recall, and fled into a nearby waterway to evade his pursuers. He then crawled into the drainage pipe, where he was later found.

Yosakorn’s account was erratic and unclear at times, with moments of confused recollections and an inability to recall certain details. He provided a contact number for his girlfriend, which was unreachable. His conversation suggested he might be suffering from some form of mental distress, reported KhaoSod.

Yosakorn had been employed as a security guard for a company, starting on April 25 until May 7, and had a history of frequently changing workplaces. The investigation team at Bang Pho Police Station is currently examining CCTV footage from the areas Yosakorn mentioned to verify his story and gather further evidence.

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