Bangkok delivery driver denies stealing rare albino raccoon

A delivery driver was hired to transport a rare albino raccoon worth 50,000 baht across Bangkok yesterday, but the raccoon never arrived at its destination. The Lineman driver says the raccoon escaped, but he doesn’t know when or how.

Thanaporn Silapaphan was hired to transport the white-furred, red-eyed raccoon from Bang Khen district in Bangkok to Bang Bua Thong district in Nonthaburi province yesterday. The 43 year old delivery driver put the raccoon in the basket on the back of his motorbike and set off.

When Thanaporn neared his destination, he looked behind him and noticed the basket was unzipped and the raccoon had escaped. He’s not sure at what point in the journey the raccoon got out. Thanaporn said he never expected the raccoon would be able to open the lid.

Thanaporn searched for the raccoon to no avail. He contacted the raccoon’s owner and informed them that the raccoon had gone. Then, he helped distribute “missing” flyers around the area. He posted on Facebook to ask people to look out for the albino raccoon. The raccoon’s owner is offering a 10,000 baht reward to anyone who can find the animal, which is still missing.

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At 10pm last night, the delivery driver went to file a report about the incident at Rattanathibet Police Station. He said he wanted to file a police report because he was worried he looked like a suspect, but he swore he did not steal the raccoon. Thanaporn requested to look at CCTV footage along the route he took in case the raccoon was spotted falling from the bike or anyone picked it up.

If you are looking to travel with a raccoon – or any animal for that matter – Grab offers a “GrabPet” service for users wishing to travel with their pets. The pet must be accompanied, but it is far less likely to escape.


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