Men brutally attack group of women at restaurant in China

Mean beat women in northern China restaurant, screen grab.

Several men attacked a group of women at a restaurant in northern China last week after one of the women rejected a man’s advances. Security footage shows a man in a restaurant in the city of Tangshan approach a woman dining with 2 of her friends. The man puts his hand on the woman’s back, and she pushes him away.

The man then slaps the woman, grabs her, and starts trying to drag her. When one of the woman’s friends tries to step in, the man pushes her to the ground, and other men rush into the restaurant to join him in attacking the women. One man even throws a chair at the friend who tried to help.

The vicious attack doesn’t end there. The man who first approached the woman at the table continues to drag her outside by her hair. He then kicks her while she is on the ground, with another man yelling “beat her to death”. A friend tries to intervene again, and the man pushes her to the ground, her head hitting the ground with a thud. The only people who tried to stop the man from attacking the women were other women. A woman who witnessed the horrific assault told CNN…

“These men feel they can just freely attack a woman in such a public place. Because so many men in the past have done the same. So the man felt he could do the same without any consequences.”

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This attack is just the latest of several highly publicised incidents of violence against women in China. CNN noted another video from this year of a Chinese man repeatedly punching his wife while she held their child. Police said the man was detained for 5 days. In another video, a man kicked a woman on the ground in broad daylight, and it was unclear if he was ever punished.

Since the attack last week, anger over violence against women has bubbled to the surface in China. Ma Tianyu, a Chinese actor and singer, said,

“Next time an announcement is made, I want to see posthumous photos of those men.”

SOURCE: CNN | Sup China

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