Phuket’s Governor Norraphat says, “We have studied all the possibilities and issues, such as food and water, to move some monkeys to islands off the coast of Phuket – Koh Ngam, Koh Pa Yu, Koh Mali, Koh Pae and Koh Tanan.”

“From previous public hearings we have found that the most critical areas for monkey mischief is at Baan Yamu in Paklok. Local residents have agreed that it’s best to move some of the monkeys to islands, especially the ones that have been prone to violence.”

Officials have surveyed the entire island of Phuket and found that there are seven main zones that have monkey problems.

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“These moneys break into houses and damage property. Local residents are also worried about the food supply on the uninhabited islands. They are worried that, if there’s not enough food, the monkeys will swim back to Phuket.”

“We have approved a 900,000 baht budget for monkey management to move monkeys to islands and sterilise them as well. We’ve confirmed that not all the monkey will be moved to islands, but some of them. The precise numbers are being worked out by the teams working on the project.”

“After we release them we will have to follow up on their living conditions, food supplies and assimilation. The main reason is to reduce the monkey population on Phuket to limit problems between monkeys, residents and tourists. Warning signs have also been set up to warn local residents and tourists about feeding monkeys.“

- Kritsada Mueanhawong