World Cup to be shown in Thai prison

PHOTO: World Cup matches will be shown in Thai prisons. (via IMS Blog)

If you’re a huge fan of crime, but also a huge fan of football, you may have been discouraged from pulling off any heists for fear of missing the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar. Don’t worry, now you can go out and commit that crime! The director-general of the Corrections Department has announced the World Cup will be shown in Thai prisons.

The decision was made to allow inmates to watch what is perhaps the world’s most popular sporting event inside of prisons. However, there are a fair amount of restrictions. First of all, matches will only be shown up until 9pm, so many of the matches that occur much later in the evening will not be available for viewing.

Spectators of the sport also must keep their cool and not get wild with traditional displays of rowdy celebrating or angry yelling should their team do poorly. No quarrelling or fighting will be allowed, as well as of course no illegal gambling on the World Cup matches in prison.

The director-general of the Corrections Department explains that this is a special privilege, and inmates have been warned that they cannot bet on the matches and must not engage in any fighting during the prison World Cup TV broadcast. The airing of the games will also be dependent on whether each particular prison facility has televisions available to show them.

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The chance to watch and enjoy the world-famous football finals is one end-of-the-year privilege for incarcerated people. The decision was also made to allow a special holiday visit for family members to inmates in remand homes and prisons for New Year’s Day. From December 30 to January 2, family members will be allowed to visit inmates, provided that they follow all safety standards and rules as laid out by the Ministry of Public Health.

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