Patong Hill opened to foot traffic only after landslides

PHOTO: Patong Hill walkable after landslide. (via PR Phuket)

Phuket continues to be rocked by the fallout from storms, flooding and landslides. One landslide has been cleared enough in Patong Hill to allow pedestrians to cross. Another has led to an agreement to demolish an abandoned hotel near a bypass in Ratsada town. And authorities are now investigating if an illegal excavation led to a landslide that threatened the homes of monks in Kathu. See updates on these stories on The Thaiger.


A damaged section of Phra Barami Road between Patong and Kathu has now been opened to foot traffic after being closed by landslides. Patong Police posted on Facebook yesterday that the crossing can be made by pedestrians. They warned that it may be shut again due to heavy rains or new landslide fears.

The solution isn’t ideal, as people will need to park their cars and walk back and forth between the two regions. A parking centre has been set up on each side, one behind Chao Pho Suea Shrine and the other opposite Chao Por Suea Shrine. A pickup point was also established for employees, businesses, tourists, or others we need to make the crossing. This plan for people to get across the area affected by landslides is being tested today.

The Phuket News reported that the Phuket Info Centre run by the Governor’s Office shared the Patong Police Facebook post about the cleared landslide officially. They also released instructions to help people travelling between Patong and Kathu during the landslide cleanup.

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  • Free parking area for about 300 cars will be provided on the Kathu side of the road next to Nern Tong Restaurant.
  • Separate parking will be allocated for buses and hotel vehicles to transport staff and guests.
  • A temporary roundabout will be organised near the “staff work tent” for buses to U-turn.
  • To prevent traffic congestion and allow staff to work, parking on road shoulders will be prohibited as well as overnight parking “in the tent area.”
  • Cars are prohibited from parking near the Patong City sign on the Patong side of the damaged section of Phra Barami Rd.
  • Traffic Police officers will be on duty on-site to facilitate traffic and provide assistance to drivers.
  • Shuttle buses from the Patong City sign to Patong Municipality will be available from 7am through 8pm.

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