Less rain for the south, colder weather for the central and north

PHOTO: Get out the coats and warm underwear if you’re in the north

The Thailand Meteorological Department today forecasts cooler weather for central and northern parts of the country, as a result of a strong high-pressure system over southern China that is causing temperatures to drop by 1 to 3 °C in some areas.

The north and north-east is now experiencing cold to very cold weather, as minimum temperatures drop to between 6 and 15 degrees °C, while Bangkok and other parts of central Thailand, as well as the east of the country, is in for similarly colder weather and minimum temperatures of 12-19 degrees °C.

In the Gulf of Thailand, high winds are causing waves of 2 to 3 metres in height in the upper Gulf heading north from Chumphon, and 2–4 metres from Surat Thani southwards in the lower Gulf. The strong winds are the result of the prevailing north-easterly monsoon extending across the country.

Forecast for the next 24 hours:

Northern region: Cold weather and strong wind. Lows of 9-15 degrees and highs of 26-29 degrees Celsius. Temperature likely to drop to 3-7 degrees on hilltops with frost in some areas.

Northeastern region: Cold to very cold weather with strong wind. Lows 6-14 degrees and highs 26-27 degrees Celsius. Temperature likely to drop to 5-8 degrees on hilltops.

Central region: Cool to cold weather and strong wind. Lows 12-16 degrees, highs 26-28 degrees Celsius.

Eastern region: Cool to cold weather and strong wind. Lows 15-19 degrees, highs 28-31 degree Celsius. Wave height 2 metres.

Southern region (east coast): Cold with strong wind and thunder showers in 20% of the area. Lows 20-23 degrees, highs 27-31 degrees Celsius. Wave height 2-4 metres.

Southern region (west coast): Partly cloudy. Lows 21-24 degrees, highs 28-33 degree Celsius. Wave height 1-2 metres.

Bangkok and surrounding area: Cold with strong wind. Lows of 16-17 degrees, highs 27-29 degrees Celsius.

SOURCE: The Nation

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