Visa-free travel sparks surge in Thai-Chinese tourism expectations

A recent measure granting visa-free travel between Thailand and China has sparked a surge in tourism expectations. As per the reports collected by five Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) overseas offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Chengdu, and Guangzhou, it’s predicted that tourism between the two nations could dramatically rise by the end of 2024.

The visa-exemption agreement, which has been in effect since March 1, has already begun to influence travel forecasts. The People’s Daily Online, a leading Chinese news agency, along with data from several websites, has shared optimistic projections about the potential growth in cross-border tourism.

They expect the number of Thai tourists visiting China to double and the influx of Chinese tourists to Thailand to triple. These predictions are in comparison to the figures for 2019, the year before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Southeast Asian country has always appealed strongly to Chinese travellers, who make up the largest group of foreign visitors to Thailand. The new policy is expected to further bolster this interest, potentially leading to a significant boost for the Thai tourism sector, which the global health crisis has severely hit.

The visa exemption is not just a boon for tourism but also paves the way for stronger ties between Thailand and China. It underscores the mutual cooperation and shared objectives of both nations to revitalise their tourism industries and economies, affected by the pandemic.

The mutual visa exemption is a testament to the long-standing friendship and strategic partnership between Thailand and China. It is anticipated to create new opportunities for cultural exchange, business cooperation, and mutual understanding, thus further strengthening bilateral ties.

The TAT remains optimistic about the situation, viewing the visa-free policy as a significant step towards the recovery of Thailand’s tourism industry. It is hoped that this move will encourage more Chinese tourists to explore Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.

While the exact impact of the visa-exemption policy is yet to be seen, there is no denying that it offers a glimmer of hope for the tourism sectors of both nations.

In the words of the People’s Daily Online, the visa-exemption measure is an “expectation of spring” – a symbol of the anticipated resurgence of tourism and economic activity between these two nations.

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