Thailand second in Asia’s most appealing investment locations

Thailand has been recognised as the second most appealing investment location amongst emerging and developing countries in Asia, according to the latest Global Opportunity Index (GOI) 2024. This ranking has been assigned by the renowned Milken Institute, which annually conducts this comprehensive index.

The GOI aims to provide invaluable insights to investors who are exploring opportunities beyond their domestic markets. The index comprises a hundred indicators that are grouped into five categories, namely business perception, economic fundamentals, financial services, institutional framework, and international standards and policy. These categories collectively provide a holistic view of a country’s investment attractiveness.

Within these categories, the Land of Smiles secured impressive positions. The country ranks 21st in business perception, indicating a positive image of the nation’s business environment. Economic fundamentals see Thailand standing strong at 22nd, suggesting a solid and stable economy.

In the financial services category, which evaluates the robustness of a country’s financial sector, Thailand sits at 29th. The institutional framework category, which assesses the strength and transparency of a nation’s institutions, sees Thailand in the 51st spot. Lastly, in terms of compliance with international standards and policy, Thailand is positioned at 68th.

In comparison to other emerging and developing Asian nations, Thailand is only surpassed by Malaysia, which takes the first spot. The other countries that make up the top five are China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. This recognition of Thailand signifies the country’s growing importance as an investment hub in the Asian region.

This achievement for Thailand is a testament to the nation’s ongoing efforts to foster a favourable business environment, strengthen its economic fundamentals, and continually improve its financial services. Additionally, it indicates that the country’s institutional framework and adherence to international standards and policies are also being recognised, reported Pattaya News.

Thailand’s high ranking in the Global Opportunity Index 2024 is a promising sign for the country’s future economic prospects. It paves the way for an influx of foreign investments, which could potentially spur further economic growth and development. As the nation continues to make strides in these key areas, it is expected to climb even higher in the rankings in the coming years.

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