Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan province sees large tourism rise in 2022

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Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan province saw a significant rise in the number of tourists visiting in 2022, with the number of both domestic and international tourists showing a substantial increase. The province is home to the world-famous, scenic seaside town and district of Hua Hin.

The data, released by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), reveals an almost five-fold increase in the number of tourists visiting the province in 2022, compared to the previous year.

In 2022, 9,747,884 tourists visited Prachuap Khiri Khan, with 9,597,432 being domestic tourists and 150,452 tourists from overseas, according to TAT. This is a significant increase from the 2.6 million tourists who visited the province in 2021.

The growth in the number of tourists visiting the province in 2022 can be attributed to several factors, including the easing of travel restrictions and the improved Covid-19 situation in the country. TAT revealed that the number of Thai and foreign tourists visiting the province in December 2022 was higher than in the previous two years, indicating that travel demand in Prachuap Khiri Khan is steadily increasing.

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The data also showed that more than ten times the number of foreign tourists visited Prachuap Khiri Khan in December, compared to January of 2022. This increase can be attributed to Thailand moving to its ‘fully reopened’ strategy in October and dropping its requirement for foreign tourists to show proof of vaccination or ATK test results before departure. Additionally, Thailand also announced a longer length of stay for tourists, extending the possible length of stay to 45 days for tourists from countries eligible for visa exemption and to 30 days for those eligible for a Visa on Arrival.

While the number of tourists visiting Prachuap Khiri Khan has increased significantly in 2022, the province is still some way short of reaching the pre-pandemic levels of visitors from overseas. TAT stated that in the year before the pandemic, the province welcomed 7,168,424 tourists, with 5,924,708 Thai tourists and 1,243,443 foreigners. TAT said that Prachuap Khiri Khan is one of the provinces in Thailand that would expect to welcome over one million foreign tourists annually.

TAT revealed that the average hotel occupancy rate throughout the province in 2022 was 60.46% compared to just 21.22% hotel occupancy in 2021, Hua Hin Today reported. There is also a trend that the number of tourists staying overnight in Prachuap Khiri Khan is much higher than in 2021 and that foreign tourists who come to the area are staying for a longer period.

Prachuap Khiri Khan is known for its scenic beauty, with many beaches, islands and natural attractions. It is home to several national parks, including Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, which is known for its unique limestone formations and diverse range of wildlife.

The province is also home to the best beach in Thailand according to Google Maps 2022, Bo Thong Lang Bay. This was based on the number of interactions on Google Maps.

On top of its beauty and beaches, Prachuap Khiri Khan is also known for its delicious seafood, and vibrant communities, which have a reputation for their hospitality.

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