Man walks over ‘500 miles’ and ‘500 more’ to marry his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

The man who walked over “500 miles” and almost “500 more” and “to be the man who wakes up next to” his love, today arrived at his destination.

Suthep “Maew” Prompjit walked 1,200 kilometres to prove true love still exists and met his girlfriend for the first time, after talking on social media for nearly six months. They start a new life together on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day.

The 52 year old man announced on TikTok in November last year that he would walk from his house in the central province of Nakhon Nayok to meet his love for the first time in the southern province of Satun.

Maew said he met his girlfriend, 56 year old Thanapa “Yu” Khiao-on, on TikTok just over five months ago. Yu challenged him to travel on foot to her house. He accepted the challenge because he wanted to prove to Yu and others that he was serious about their relationship and that true love could be found on social media.

Maew revealed that he started at Khun Dan Prakarn Chon Dam in Nakhon on Saturday, January 14, with the intention of proposing to Yu on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Maew gained a lot of followers as a result of the challenge. His story went viral on social media, and he got a lot of support from his fans along the way. People offered him food, drinks, and accommodation.

Maew finally arrived in Satun yesterday and prepared to meet his girlfriend today. He got his hair cut and had a clean shave, put on his special pink shirt and waited for his true love at the Tung Wa district office so they could sign a marriage certificate.

The big moment finally arrived at 7am today. They hugged and kissed each other while over 200 people gathered and cheered and congratulated them at the district office.

Yu said to Maew…

“Thank you for keeping the promise. We finally meet.”

Maew said…

“Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Korntika Rooncharoen, the owner of a herbal product company, Apa Herb, gave the couple a yellow MG3 SUV as a wedding gift. She said she appreciated the effort and love and hoped the two would use the car to travel everywhere together.

Maew gave a short interview. He said…

“My journey has just begun today. I have to start looking after Yu from now.”

Maew also added that Yu was his type. She was beautiful, just like her picture on social media.

A fairytale with a happy ending.

“Da-da da da (Da-da da da)
Da-da da da (Da-da da da)
Da-da dum diddy dum diddy dum diddy da da da.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Besotted Thai man begins 1,200 kilometre journey on foot to propose to girlfriend

A besotted Thai man has started a 1,400 kilometre journey across Thailand on foot with the goal of proposing to his girlfriend – who he met on social media five months ago – on Valentine’s Day.

He set off from his home in Nakhon Nayok province in central Thailand and is aiming to reach his girlfriend’s house in Satun province in southern Thailand by February 15.

The man explained this he met his sweetheart on TikTok five months ago. They have never met in real life but speak regularly via video call.

After talking for a while, his girlfriend challenged him to prove his love by walking or running to Satun.

He accepted the challenge and set off on Saturday.

In posted a video in November captioned “Run to prove true love.”

He said…

“I will run to prove whether true love exists or not. I will run for a month, starting on January 14 and arriving at the destination on February 14, Valentine’s Day. The starting point will be at Khun Dan Prakarn Chon Dam in Nakhon Nayok, and the destination is Satun.

“We met on TikTok, and I will prove that true love can be found on social media.”

He never introduced himself in the videos, or the name of his girlfriend.

The man is posting regular updates about his journey on his TikTok account. He prepared well for his trip. He wore a jacket, bucket hat, sunglasses, and a reflective vest. He also put up the Thai national flag on his backpack.

On the third day, he said he was pretty tired from walking and felt pain in his muscles. He said he would change from walking during the day to walking at night because the road was too crowded in the morning.

The love-stricken hiker has gained many followers on social media. Many Thai TikTokers commented on his videos to encourage him and some even waited to meet him on the road and take pictures together.

In his latest video, he said he was on the seventh day of his journey. He said he doesn’t know what his girlfriend thinks of the whole thing.

He is now in Phetchaburi province and has about 850 kilometres to go.

View his videos and send him positive vibes via his TikTok account แมวเก้าชีวิต.

Man walks over '500 miles' and '500 more' to marry his girlfriend on Valentine's Day | News by Thaiger

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