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Thai Airways introducing limited direct flights between Europe and Phuket

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Thai Airways is testing the waters (so to speak) by introducing a limited number of direct flights from Europe to Phuket, ahead of the southern island’s July 1 re-opening. The national carrier, currently in the throes of restructuring after teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, has started selling direct flights from 4 European cities to Phuket. According to a Bangkok Post report, the flights are initially aimed at hundreds of tour agents, who will be invited to take test trips during the third quarter.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is working with Thai Airways on a number of direct flights from Paris, Frankfurt, London, and Copenhagen. The flights will operate in a triangular pattern, flying directly into Phuket, but stopping at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi on the return leg. It’s understood each route will have 1 returning flight per week. Thai Airways is also planning direct flights to Phuket from Seoul and Taipei, with flights from Tokyo yet to be confirmed.

Siripakorn Cheawsamoot from the TAT says initially, demand is expected to be light, as a result of travel restrictions both here and abroad. With Thailand’s emergency decree extended until July 31, the Phuket flights will be classed as semi-commercial and passengers will still need to get a Certificate of Entry before travelling.

In addition, some countries are placing restrictions on their people travelling to Thailand, in light of the third wave of infections in the Kingdom. The country is on the UK’s amber list, meaning any one returning to the UK from Thailand needs to self-quarantine at home for 10 days. Siripakorn admits that such restrictions will discourage some from travelling to Phuket, even with the island waiving quarantine for vaccinated arrivals.

He adds that once the Covid situation improves in the Kingdom, the number of arrivals will pick up, pointing out that places like Phuket and Samui have the advantage of limited entry points, meaning health screening can be carried out more efficiently.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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  1. Nothing is confirmed, isn’t Thai Airways in solvency of some sort. It is a great airline too me anyway.
    One trip I had with Thai Airways was Syd-bbk. Seat belt light came on at takeoff, captain turned it off 20- minutes into the flight, and he turned the seat belt light back on 20-minutes b-4 we landed. Not one bit of turbulence the whole flight. 9-hours mind you, I did travel Thai Airways a lot.
    But on a lighter note I am retiring from this blog site, and all social media. This is my last one,,,,
    My health is in very good order, going too my property in the bush. No phones No internet service.
    I wish you all good health, this C19 virus will be defeated soon. Apply common sense and we will wait for the next challenge. As my race book form guide says , take good care of yourself, and family and friends around you as I will do the same. Mr: Toby Andrews you made me laugh with your great sense of humour you really did.
    So folks I got work too do. Thanks and back a winner. ?

  2. Anybody thinking of booking such a flight might want to take into consideration the many people that they have taken money from in the very recent past and not provided flights or refunds to.they might also want to give some thought to the fact that many of the remaining staff have had their terms and conditions reduced and are pretty disgruntled including the pilots and ground engineers and they have not had much flying experience recently.another factor but not quite so obvious is that the company is owing serious amounts of money to major industry players in europe and court appointed balliffs are slowly starting to have their powers to seize and deny access to assets reinstated.probably be a good idea to have very good comprehensive insurance in place,enjoy your flight.

  3. As soon Scandinavian Airlines took their hands of Thai this corruption started. I would and will never buy a ticket from this airline. So far in 2021, no customer who bought tickets in 2020 a when Thai cancelled their flights has git their mone back. Not one single customer. Also as of know, Thai cant even afford to pay the IFE licensce fee’s. So you fly with no IFE, no food, no nothing since Thai has to pay everything in CASH todat, fuel, catering etc since this airline has zero credit value. Avoid this airline people.

  4. I would love to travel to Thailand, i am getting my second (BioNTech/Pfizer) vaccine soon, lets hope Thailand gets the numbers under control, they are doing worse than some European country’s now. But i would not travel with Thai. I am still waiting for a refund from the summer of 2020, i dont think i will ever get it back, i will never book a flight with Thai until i get the refund. And if they dont refund i will never book a ticket with Thai in my life. They want me to book a new flight but i can’t use my refund of get my money back.. What do they expect?

  5. Who is paying for these flights presumably the Thai Government. Looks like no tourism to Thailand until fully opened up after Covid under control and vaccination roll out expedited. Meanwhile Thai Airways needs refinancing and new air craft suitable for use after the pandemic.

  6. Thai airways will be fine. Sending them bankrupt immediately wipes any chance of a return from lease companies and imagine the Thai lose of face to let the national airline die.
    The key issue is the “build it and they will come” business strategy! Question:- is this the Airlines idea or the major Shareholder forcing a loss making strategy straight out of receivership. Empty planes don’t make money, failed reopening after failed reopening and disjointed, disfunctional Covid management and coordination! Good thing the PM has taken control right?

  7. Thailand totally mismanaged this COVID thing! For one thing why does it take 3 months or more to approve a vaccine that millions been getting in the US for example for more than 6 months! Do they want a bribe or Thai scientists are a little slow on the uptake?! Or is it just burocracy!

  8. Permission to fly only granted after you have booked and paid for floght and family want to come, but who is going to pay in advance with out being sire they will grant permission. The email back from my bangkok immagration was very little help and was written by someone who could not write English very well, at the moment they are got going to come. Thailand opening only confusing, not for real.

  9. They should rename Thai Airways to Thaitanic Airways. Tried to book a ticket from BKK to sweden last saturday. It got cancelled within 24 hours. Thank god i did not pay with my own money but used my useless Orchid Thai member card. Kiss my ass Thai Airways.

  10. Yeah… now that covid is over in the West, come to Asia so you can go back into quarantine for months (years?)…

    Might be a good opportunity to get OUT of Thailand. Not sure why anyone would want to come in.

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