Getting rid of masks and revised closing times in Thailand – waiting for official rubber stamp

Whilst we might be rid of the Thailand Pass on July 1, there appears to be an administrative delay to the changes in mask requirements and changes to the closing times.

In clarifying new face mask guidelines, Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin, the spokesperson for CCSA says that all 77 provinces in Thailand would be redesignated as green zones. Previously there were only yellow and blue zones where earlier Covid restrictions had been largely lifted.

In the new country-wide green zones, wearing a face mask outdoors will be voluntary “except in crowded places such as public transport, markets and event venues”, or for people with health conditions of concern.

He clarified that there will be three conditions where you can remove your mask…

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– If you are in a specific area alone

– If you can safely social distance yourself from others and the area is well-ventilated

– If you are eating, exercising, performing an art, or receiving medical or cosmetic care on your face

But, whilst the Thailand Pass is set for abolition on July 1, Dr Taweesilp says they have to wait for a publication date in the Royal Gazette… “as more government guidance is expected after the cabinet meeting this week”.

Dr Taweesilp also acknowledged that private businesses, offices, or buildings were entitled to apply their restrictions.

The same clear-as-mud situation covers the revised closing times of Thailand’s nightlife, which the CCSA announced last week would be moved to 2am (and 1am in ‘some’ locations).

In a walk back from last Friday’s announcements, Dr Taweesilp says “it remains unclear when operating hours will be extended to 2am… as there are three laws that cover closing hours for night entertainment venues”.

Again, the CCSA is seeking clarification from the National Security Council to study the legal details of the new closing times before submitting a proposal to the cabinet.

Another one of last Friday’s announcements awaiting publication in the Royal Gazette, or further discussion in Cabinet, is getting rid of the need for businesses and venues to have infra-red screen devices at their entrances.

The thermal scanning, a common sight at all building and shop entrances around Thailand since April 2020, has now been deemed mostly ineffectual.

Whilst it is hoped that all the announcements made last Friday can go ahead from July 1, they will need to be posted in the Royal Gazette first, a rubber-stamp administrative procedure in Thailand.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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