Domestic tourism survey indicates long road to recovery

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“Entrepreneurs in the tourism industry need to adjust their strategy to suit consumer behaviour in the new normal era.”

A government survey looking at the travel habits of domestic tourists indicates an uphill struggle for the tourism industry’s recovery. Pimchanok Vonkorpon, from the Commerce Ministry’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office says around a quarter of those surveyed travelled during weekends and holidays, but most spent less than 5,000 baht per trip.

“The survey was conducted in 884 districts in every province among 8,124 respondents. Out of 27% who said that they had travelled upcountry from July to September, 56% said the objective was sightseeing, while 44% travelled to visit their families.”

Of those surveyed, over 86% say they spent less than 5,000 baht on the trip, over 37% spent between 5,000 and 10,000 baht, while just under 14% spent over 10,000 baht. Those surveyed were also asked if they planned to travel this month, with nearly 48% saying they have no plans to do so. Over 40% remain unsure, with fewer than 12% of respondents saying they’ve made travel plans.

Pimchanok says there are 3 primary concerns among those surveyed, the biggest one being a resurgence of the Covid-19 virus, which over 40% of respondents say they’re worried about. Over 17% expressed concern over the rising cost of consumer products, while over 14% say they’re worried about increased household debt.

The responses would indicate that there is a long uphill road ahead for Thailand’s domestic tourism sector. Pimchanok is calling on industry leaders to adjust to the new challenges consumers are faced with.

“From the survey results, there are indications that domestic tourism might not recover in the second half of the year, as people are still worried about the pandemic and economic recession. Entrepreneurs in the tourism industry need to adjust their strategy to suit consumer behaviour in the new normal era, with focus on increasing protection against Covid-19, as well as keeping the price affordable and suitable to the consumer’s economic status.”

The Ministry of Commerce says that, in addition to surveying consumers to gauge behaviour, it is also monitoring prices to ensure there is no overcharging or hoarding of products taking place.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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