Cable and satellite provider True Visions faces backlash over “censorship officer”

Satellite and cable TV provider True Visions is in hot water after posting an advert seeking an “international news censor” on the biggest online jobs board in Thailand. The ad, which appeared on the JobsDB site, said the right candidate would be required to scrutinise 17 foreign news channels and report any “inappropriate” content to supervisors.

A report in Coconuts points out that this is not the first time the use of “censors” at True Visions has come up. Four years ago, Khaosod English reported that the company was monitoring content from BBC and Al Jazeera, after the BBC had found itself blocked in Thailand on a few occasions as a result of their coverage of the military junta.

The latest True Visions job ad says content that goes against Article 112 of the Criminal Code (that’s the piece covering lese majeste, or defamation of the Thai Royal Family) is “inappropriate” and should be flagged to superiors. The punishment for lese majeste is up to 15 years’ imprisonment.

Cable and satellite provider True Visions faces backlash over “censorship officer” | News by Thaiger

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Many netizens are up in arms after the ad was brought to their attention when someone shared it on Facebook. One user, named as Pran Tamalee, slams True Visions for participating in censorship.

“This is why the country deserves to be called Kala Land. The world has changed, and anyone who is not willing to change along with it, too bad.” ( The expression Kala Land is a metaphor that says Thailand is like an ignorant frog inside a coconut shell. )

Other social media users threatened not to renew their subscriptions, with one saying, “we can get information from original news anyway. We don’t need an operator that lacks principles like True.”

The rise in social media use across Thailand means more people than ever are voicing their opposition to authority figures and calling out issues such as censorship and corruption.

True Visions is part of True Corporation and owned by one of the largest conglomerates in the world, Charoen Pokphand. Coconuts reports that the company has done well financially under military rule, benefiting from light regulation and other favorable conditions.

The job listing has been removed from the JobsDB site.

Cable and satellite provider True Visions faces backlash over “censorship officer” | News by Thaiger

The Thaiger and senior staff have cancelled their ‘True’ internet and mobile phone contracts today after this was revealed.

SOURCE: Coconuts

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