Tragic hit-and-run leaves two dead in Kanchanaburi, police in pursuit

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At 8am today, a tragic car accident occurred in Lukkae, Kanchanaburi, left two dead and one seriously injured. The incident involved a sedan recklessly overtaking a large truck, slamming into a motorcycle-trailer combo with three passengers, and fleeing the scene.

The devastating accident took place on the canal-side road in the Thamaka district, where a 52 year old street vendor, Uthit, and her two year old grandson, Natthawee, were killed. Additionally, a nine year old girl suffered severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital by Khunrattanawut Foundation volunteers. At the scene, a grey Mazda car was found abandoned, with its front heavily damaged, and the number plates removed and left on the ground, with no occupants in sight, reported KhaoSod.

According to local witnesses, Uthit, who sold grilled chicken nearby, had left her home with her grandchildren to drop them off at school when the sedan, in an attempt to overtake a large truck, collided with their motorcycle trailer. After the crash, four individuals were seen leaving the car, attempting to remove the vehicle’s number plates, but fled when they noticed locals who had come to investigate the incident.

The sudden deaths of Uthit and Natthawee left their family and the local community deeply shaken. The victims’ son-in-law, also Natthawee’s father, called for the hit-and-run driver to take responsibility for the deadly incident. He expressed deep grief, stating that if the driver had not made the reckless decision to overtake, his wife and child would still be alive.

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The police, after examining the vehicle’s registration, have identified the car owner and are now in pursuit of the driver and the passengers to proceed with the investigation and legal actions as quickly as possible.

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