Salesman hospitalised after pickup truck collides with parked trailer in northern Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A major traffic collision left a salesman hospitalised and rocked the Mae Sot District community in the early morning hours of this morning on Chalerm Thep Road, Tak Province, northern Thailand. The unfortunate incident at 6am involved a pickup truck, under the control of a 29 year old salesman, which collided with the rear of a parked trailer.

The impact led to severe injuries for the driver, who remained trapped within the wreckage for over ten minutes before emergency responders successfully extricated him. Subsequently, he was swiftly transported to Mae Sot Hospital.

The crash site was located near Mae Sot’s bustling livestock market, situated at the intersection of multiple roads. An abandoned trailer, bearing the number plate 70-5552 Kamphaeng Phet, was discovered on the roadside. Nearby, a severely damaged white Toyota pickup truck, identified by licence plate 8 กว-5423 Bangkok, was found, clearly having collided with the rear of the trailer.

Upon examination, Thanwa was found stuck to the steering wheel of his vehicle, semi-conscious and with symptoms of a serious head injury. The Mae Sot municipal fire brigade had to use a cutting torch to free him from the wreckage. Once extricated, he was given immediate first aid and rushed to Mae Sot Hospital’s Emergency Room for urgent medical attention, reported KhaoSod.

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Initial investigations revealed that Thanwa, a travelling salesman for agricultural products, had been driving long distances and had departed Mae Sot, Tak province, in the early hours of the morning. He was reportedly rushing to work in a nearby district.

As he was driving along the bypass road in Mae Sot, he likely became unfamiliar with the route or possibly fell asleep at the wheel due to lack of rest.

When he reached the intersection at the end of the road, his vehicle was supposed to turn right. However, failing to make the turn, his vehicle continued straight and collided with the parked trailer at the end of the road. The violent collision occurred without any braking, creating a loud noise that alarmed nearby residents.

Doctors have since reported that Thanwa’s condition has stabilised, although he remains under close observation.

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