Road of sorrow: Scottish man becomes latest victim of Thailand’s perilous roads

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A sombre chapter was added to the tragic toll of Thailand’s perilous roads today, as a 48 year old Scottish man became yet another victim. The unfortunate incident unfolded when Robert Griffin, a shipping officer from Fife, lost control of his white Honda Click motorbike, resulting in a head-on collision with another motorcyclist in Krabi, a province in southern Thailand.

The fateful collision occurred as the Scottish man was on his way to local shops in Krabi’s Ao Nang district. His motorbike veered into the opposite lane, leading to a head-on crash with a motorcycle-and-sidecar vehicle. The impact caused Griffin’s motorbike to spin off the road. Police officers discovered him unconscious and severely injured at the roadside around 10am.

Despite the efforts of paramedics, Griffin’s severe head injuries proved fatal, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Griffin, who had been visiting Thailand for a holiday, had only arrived in the country the day before the tragic incident.

The driver of the other vehicle remained at the crash site, cooperating with police officers and paramedics.

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The Scottish man’s unnamed Thai wife expressed shock over the incident. She told the Thai media that he had flown in from Scotland for one of his regular holidays in Thailand, arriving just a day before the accident. She recounted her disbelief, admitting she had always urged him to exercise caution while riding the motorbike.

Griffin had a notable career in the shipping industry, having held positions in various operations involving cargo ships, oil drilling vessels, and rigs with the prominent shipping company Maersk, reported the Daily Mail. In the past year, he had taken on the role of a senior dynamic positioning operator at a global shipping agency while simultaneously pursuing shipping exams to fulfil his ambition of becoming a captain.

Royal Thai Police speculate that Griffin might have momentarily diverted his attention from the road, causing him to swerve out of control upon realizing he was in the opposite lane. The absence of a helmet exacerbated the severity of his injuries, particularly the severe brain trauma he sustained on impact.

Police Captain Thirakorn Thairit of the Aonang Police Station provided insights into the ongoing investigation. Interviews with the other driver and witnesses are part of the legal process, and Griffin’s body is set to be released to his wife for funeral arrangements. The British Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of the tragic loss of their citizen.

Thailand’s road safety record stands among the worst globally. Despite government efforts to reduce fatalities from 32.7 deaths per 100,000 people to 12 per 100,000 people by 2027, significant challenges persist.

Road safety education gaps in schools, lenient driving tests, inconsistent enforcement of road laws, and inadequate infrastructure investments continue to impede progress. Motorcycles pose a particularly high risk, with the majority of accidents involving two-wheelers.

Unfortunately, the Scottish man’s death is not an isolated incident. Dozens die on Thailand’s treacherous roads every year. To read more click HERE.

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