Road accident: Admin official’s fatal collision with lorry leaves one dead, another critically injured

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A tragic road accident occurred this morning when an administration official’s car crashed into a lorry, resulting in his death and leaving another casualty severely wounded. This fatal accident involving a local government official took place on the Sa Kaeo–Chanthaburi route, along Highway 317, inflicting critical damage to both the vehicle and its occupants.

The accident happened around 6am today when the deputy district officer collided with a parked ten-wheeler on a ten-lane highway near the PT petrol station in the Wang Nam Yen district of Sa Kaeo province. His vehicle, a white Honda City with the license plate กธ-5378 registered in Trang, is said to have been speeding prior to the collision. The force of the impact tossed the car several metres away, causing extensive damage.

The parked lorry, an Isuzu with license plate number 70-3945, and the attached trailer, plate number 70-3946, both registered in Buriram province, were stationed near the side of the road in front of the petrol station at the time of the accident. The lorry driver, 45 year old Sarakham was in a nearby washroom during the time of the collision. He had left his hazard lights on and returned to find the car intensely wrecked after crashing into his truck, reported KhaoSod.

Officer Kittichok Sommai from Wang Nam Yen Police Station speculated that the driver of the city car had fallen asleep at the wheel or was going too fast, leading to a collision with the ten-wheeler.

The victim, the fatal casualty of the accident, has been identified as Thanakorn Aksornkong, known as Por King, who was the deputy district officer of Wang Nam Yen and died at the scene immediately from sustained injuries. Another victim, an esteemed member of the Wang Nam Yen Administrative Office, Sa-Nan A-Nan, suffered severe injuries including a dislocated hip and various wounds throughout his body. Initial forecasts suggest that the driver might have been asleep or driving too fast, causing the vehicle to ricochet off the rear of the lorry.

According to Kittichok, rescue workers from the Saeng Sa Kaeo Foundation, Wang Mai Point, and Wang Somboon Subdistrict Municipality’s rescue team successfully extracted the deceased and transported the injured and deceased to Wang Nam Yen Hospital for further procedures.

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