Off-duty police officer kills 2 in drunken accident in Ayutthaya

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In a tragic accident last night, a police officer driving recklessly crashed his pickup into four motorcycle riders, killing two and injuring two others. The report confirmed the officer’s alcohol levels as exceeding the legal limit.

An Isuzu pickup truck collided with three motorbikes on Napeephat Canal Road in Ayutthaya’s Wang Noi district at around 4.30am. The incident, resulting in two fatalities and two serious injuries, quickly drew the investigative eye of a deputy inspector from Wang Noi Police Station, Wivut Jannak.

Windowing into the accident scene, three motorcycles were found scattered across the road haphazardly amongst a mayhem of damaged and twisted metal. A 32 year old woman, Wanphen, and a 19 year old man, Phusit, succumbed to their injuries upon immediate arrival at Wang Noi Hospital. Found nearby was the responsible pickup truck, driver’s door agape, its front portion crumbled in an obvious testament to the severe impact. Sitting behind the wheel was a 53 year old deputy inspector from the local police station, identified only as Adthakon.

Relaying her firsthand witness account, 23 year old Prawan, a friend and colleague of the victims, revealed that all those involved in the accident were employees of a parcel delivery company. Having just concluded their night shift, they were merely travelling back to their residences when they faced the devilish pickup truck. With a surprising speed and a zigzag motion, the truck lost control, hit their motorcycles, and dragged them over a distance of over 200 metres. Fearing an unjust consequence owing to the driver’s police connections, Prawan alerted local media, reported KhaoSod.

CCTV footage near the accident scene corroborated Prawan’s statements. Pledging justice to the victims, Pol. Lt. Col. Somjet Muenbut, Wang Noi Police Station’s superintendent, insisted that Adthakon, off his official duty hours during the accident, had not run away post the incident. The preliminary alcohol test confirmed a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit. He thereby assured that the law shall be completely followed, irrespective of the culprit’s police status.

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