Minivan crash on Sukhumvit Road injures 10, dog to blame

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A minivan swerved to avoid a dog, lost control, and crashed into a tree on Sukhumvit Road, leaving 10 passengers injured, five critically. The incident occurred today, March 20, as confirmed by Deputy Inspector Santi Pakkaratho of Pak Nam Prasae Police Station, who rushed to the scene with medical personnel and rescue workers from the Buddhasadsongkroh Rescue Foundation.

At the scene, a Toyota minivan with Chon Buri license plate นง-1374 was found in a severely damaged state, having collided with a tree in the central road divider. Among the ten casualties inside the vehicle, five faced critical injuries with head wounds and bleeding from their ears, while the other five suffered minor injuries. The injured were promptly administered first aid and transported to Klaeng Hospital for further treatment.

The driver, 52 year old Komnuan (surname withheld), reported that he was transporting passengers from Buriram province to Rayong. A dog suddenly darted across the road, causing him to swerve abruptly, which led to the vehicle losing control and slamming into the tree.

The sudden commotion woke the passengers, including 26 year old Pichet, who was travelling from Buriram to Rayong for work. Pichet recalled being jolted awake by the screams inside the minivan and realising the crash had occurred, reported KhaoSod.

Following the accident, police officers facilitated assistance for the uninjured passengers, inspected the accident site, and took the driver for further questioning to proceed with legal action. The investigation is ongoing to determine the exact cause of the accident and to address any potential negligence involved.

In related news, a catastrophic multi-vehicle collision involving a school transport van, a pickup truck, and a motorcycle in Nakhon Si Thammarat province resulted in nearly 20 injuries and severe vehicle damage. The crash occurred on the morning of February 28, at approximately 7.30am on the Nakhon-Thung Song Road, leading authorities to initiate a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.

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