Fuel tanker overturns in Surin causing potential explosion risk

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A tanker truck carrying 40,000 litres of fuel overturned on Route 24 from Chokchai-Det Udom in Surin province. The incident took place yesterday around 10.50am and left the 36 year old driver, Tiwa, injured with back pain and vomiting. The accident was reported by Thanakorn Chaiharn, an investigation officer from Prasat Police Station.

The truck, carrying 24,000 litres of diesel and 16,000 litres of petrol, belonged to Phanicha Petroleum Co., Ltd in Kantharalak district, Sisaket province. The truck had veered off the road and crashed into a tree before toppling over on its side.

The crash resulted in a significant fuel leak, causing a high risk of explosion. Emergency services, including fire and rescue teams from various local administrative organisations, were dispatched to the scene. Traffic was reduced to one lane to avoid any potential danger.

A preliminary investigation reveals that the driver was en route from Rayong province to Sisaket province. He reportedly dozed off at the wheel before the accident. The police are continuing their investigations, reported Sanook.

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By late night, around 10.30pm, the rescue team successfully removed the truck from the crash site after more than eight hours of operation. Two cranes were used to lift the truck, while foam was sprayed to prevent any possible sparks during the operation.

More than 70 personnel from various agencies were involved in the coordinated operation. The public was also kept 300 metres away from the site to ensure safety during the operation.

During the rescue operation, a special lane was opened from kilometre 209.500 to kilometre 211.500, covering a distance of 2 kilometres. Currently, the removal of the tanker truck to a safe location away from the community is underway.

It is estimated that only about 8,000 to 10,000 litres of fuel remain in the tanks out of the initial 40,000 litres. Once the truck is removed, traffic is expected to return to normal.

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