Car crash in Chon Buri leaves driver critically injured

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A car veered off the road, crashed into a tree, and flipped over, landing upside down with its wheels in the air in Chon Buri, in the early hours of this morning. The engine was ejected from the vehicle, and a fire ensued. The driver was severely injured and thrown from the car.

At 4.30am today, June 13, rescue officials from Trikunatham were alerted to an overturned car on the Bypass Road near Sang Arun Crane Company in Mueang District, Chon Buri Province. The accident site was quickly attended to by the authorities.

The driver, identified as 30 year old Chatree, was found outside the vehicle with significant injuries to his head and body. Emergency medical personnel from Chon Buri Hospital arrived to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and transported him to the hospital for further treatment.

A white Mazda 2, license plate กจ1962 Nong Khai, was discovered overturned with its wheels pointing skyward. The car’s engine had been ejected from the body and was found over 5 metres away. Flames were seen engulfing the vehicle.

Picheth, a security guard at a nearby company who witnessed the incident, reported seeing the car speeding before it lost control and flipped over. He described the moment as harrowing.

“The car was going very fast and spun out of control. The driver was thrown from the vehicle, and flames and smoke engulfed the car.”

He quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher to contain the blaze and notified the police and rescue services, reported KhaoSod.

Isara Niwattanakul, a volunteer from Trikunatham, recounted receiving the distress call from the radio centre about an overturned car.

“Upon arrival, the scene was chaotic, with the car upside down and engulfed in smoke. The driver had been thrown from the vehicle and was gravely injured. Emergency medical services were promptly coordinated to ensure swift transport to Chon Buri Hospital.”

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