61 year old man injured in late-night Chon Buri car crash

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A 61 year old man sustained severe injuries after his car, a Toyota with the registration plate กบ387 Chon Buri, veered off course and crashed into a streetlight on Road 315 in Chon Buri province. The incident took place around 2am today, January 28, when the driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle.

Local authorities, including Police Lieutenant Colonel Chonnarath Khokhunnee, the Deputy Inspector (Investigation) at Phanat Nikhom Police Station, were notified of the accident near the curve before the power plant at Wat Bot temple in Phanat Nikhom district. Rescue workers from Sawaeng Het Ban Thung Hiang swiftly responded to the scene. Upon arrival, they found the car badly damaged and the driver, Mana (surname withheld), trapped inside with severe injuries to his right arm and leg.

It took the rescue team approximately 20 minutes to extricate him using specialised equipment. He was subsequently transported to Phanat Nikhom Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Eyewitness 39 year old Kittiwat (surname withheld) recounted that he had been driving behind the victim’s car and noticed it swaying erratically, similar to the movements of an intoxicated driver. When the car reached the location of the accident, it suddenly lost control, veered onto the central divider, and collided with the streetlight, resulting in significant damage to the vehicle, reported KhaoSod.

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Somporn Muadnen, one of the first rescue workers on the scene, stated that he was stationed at the emergency reporting point when a pickup truck driver came to report the accident. The rescue team, armed with the necessary tools, rushed to the site and found the severely damaged vehicle and the injured man in the driver’s seat. After freeing him from the wreckage, they coordinated with a hospital ambulance to take him for treatment.

The police are further investigating the driver and intend to test his blood alcohol level to determine whether it exceeds the legal limit, which would lead to subsequent legal action.

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