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Protests continue at 5 locations around Bangkok this evening – VIDEO

With the latest announcement from protesters about a new round of protests today, from 4pm, Police scrambled their resources to try and second guess the locations. Whilst the protesters are out-gunned by brute force and equipment, they remain nimble, digitally connected and committed to continue the latest round of protests, defying demand from the police that they are breaking the law. There’s also a lot more of them.

The Thai Government and police are now in the difficult situation of trying to defend their crackdown and heavy-handed oppression of largely peaceful anti-government protests, albeit attracting up to 30,000 people and bringing some sections of the city to a stop.  The sight of riot police pushing into a group of unarmed 18 – 30 year old protesters doesn’t play out well on international media. The images from last night have been screened around the world with around 30-50 live Facebook streams alone.

This afternoon the pro-democracy protesters assembled at 5 different locations, including BTS Skytrain stations and prominent traffic intersections. The government closed down the Sukhumvit BTS Line and the Airport Link to try and prevent protesters from travelling to the stations. They also closed down the Victory Monument where they though protesters were going to gather, but no one turned up.

Protesters were told, through an increasingly sophisticated use of social media and messaging systems, to go to the nearest of 5 BTS stations and other prominent locations…

1. Lat Phrao Intersection
2. Wongwian Yai
3. Udomsuk marching to Bangna intersection
4. BTS Asoke
5. Sam Yan Mitr Town

The locations were confirmed at 3.10pm, scrambling the police to try and bolster security around the venues and intervene.

Groups of protesters headed to the mini-rallies at the 5 locations, the largest group headed to Lat Phrao, where an estimated 2,500 gathered. There was another 1,000 assembled at Bang Na intersection. There was also a spontaneous gathering around the Ramkhumhang Airport Link station.

The United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration also arranged simultaneous rallies from 4pm in  Ubon Thani, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Sawan, Kalasin, Uttaradit, Nong Khai, Roi Et, Pattaya, Nakhon Pathom, Sakon Nakhon, Khon Kaen and Songkhla, Phayao, Trang, Udon Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima and Surin.

Protest at Udomsuk – Live stream from Free Youth

If the stream doesn’t play, click on THIS LINK.

Police ended up shutting half of Bangkok’s BTS and skytrain system in anticipation of, well, whatever was going to happen. But in the end the protesters only gathered at one of the stations. The police have made it clear that they are prepared to close down the city, if necessary, to prevent the protesters from gathering.

Police shut down all stations on the Airport Rail Link from Phaya Thai to Suvarnabhumi and blocked access to Victory Monument and the Asoke intersection, 2 of the cities busiest. Police noted that, strategically, the inconveniencing of Bangkokians, as the police chase the protesters around the city, can be blamed on the rallies and the protest organisers.

Last night, after police sealed off the Ratchaprasong intersection, where it was thought the protesters would assemble, the protest organisers quickly shifted to the Pathumwan intersection, where, some 2 hours later police would intervene with riot police and high-power water cannons to remove the crowd of 3,000+

Police spokesman Pol Maj Gen Yingyos Thepchamnong has reiterated the police’ determination to enforce the new State of Emergency, introduced in the early hours of Thursday morning. He also defended the use of the high-powered water cannons last night.

“The police abided by international standards to disperse the demonstration.”

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  • Excellent police tactics, breaking down the rioters to scattered places, give them powerful water cannons for the delayed Songkran.

  • I don't understand politics and economy very well. As a tourist, I think Thailand is a beautiful country where a person can live like a King. Many countries in the world still don't have the freedom that Thailand possess. Why these youngsters making things complicated? Life is too short to think about the King, his lifestyle and govt, leave them alone and enjoy yourself. Don't think of the future, it is completely uncertain. Thai people should now think only how to get down to business asap by welcoming tourists from all over the world because Thailand needs money now.

    • Exactly, when you have a lot of money you can live like a king in Thailand. What made you think that most of the Thai people have enough money to do so?

    • Thailand need FREEDOM, something more precious than money, in Thailand there is no freedom at all. there's no life to live under the control of a violent dictatorship.
      Thanks to the youngsters, support to the protesters.

    • I'm sure the protesters would welcome tourists, but the government do not.
      These protestors have a good strategy moving around the capital to protest.
      To move a water cannon across Bangkok takes some time.
      Now the protesters should concentrate on disrupting the functions of the state, such as blocking roads around government buildings.
      Impede access of the civil servants to these officers.
      Break down the power of the state dictators.

    • It is not about your fantasy

      It is about Thai people real democracy, inequality, freedom of speech,

      You should understand the ground first before comment nonsense

    • You are absolutely right, you don not understand politics and economy very well. Stay quiet and keep living in your bubble.

  • Well done today! So many people, even though the desperate government has shut down the BTS and MRT. People gave money to protesters so they could go to the protest sites with taxis.

    • Seriously how do you know what Thais think?
      You can't.
      It is what you think they think.
      Unfortunately for Thailand they cannot have tourists.
      You are already in Thailand and it is clear you do not want tourists.
      If you were locked out you would sing a different tune.

  • "Done nothing wrong".....
    1) Overthrowing a democratically elected government?
    2) Tearing up the constitution...the supreme law of the Thai nation.
    3) Writing their own (non democratic) constitution.
    4) Refusing to take the oath of allegiance....article 161 of their own constitution.
    5) A hand picked Election commission.
    6) A Rigged election with the help of the hand picked Election commission.
    7) Hand picking 250 military senators.
    8) The appointment of a convicted Heroin smuggler to cabinet.
    9) Hand picking the constitutional court judges.
    10) Disbanding and locking up those who opposed them.
    11) Constant human rights abuses.
    12) Constant threats to freedom of speech.
    13) etc...etc..

    Hasn't done anything wrong!

    To say these words reveals the level of cranial activity going on, other than just enough to enable him to put one foot in front of the other.

    Massive support from educated, informed and morally aware young Thais, so terrifies the bad old army generals.....such a shame.

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