Thavisin’s strategy: Replace conscription for economic growth

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Conscription should be replaced with voluntary enlistment to provide economic benefits, according to Srettha Thavisin, prime ministerial candidate for the Pheu Thai Party.

Thavisin expressed his disappointment with a particular politician’s staunch support for maintaining conscription in the name of national defence and patriotism. He asserted that compulsory military service is harmful to the economy, as it diverts skilled professionals from the workforce for an extended period.

According to Thavisin, both individuals and the country suffer losses: individuals are unable to contribute their skills and expertise, while the country experiences a shortage of personnel capable of promoting economic growth and making constructive contributions. Conscription, he contended, results in a domestic brain drain, and the military should devise strategies to increase voluntary enlistment to render the process non-compulsory.

However, Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, Prime Minister’s Office Minister, insisted that conscription must continue, although adjustments may be made to the proportion of voluntary recruits.

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The navy has allocated designated areas in barracks where parties can campaign for votes. Candidates from various parties will be given equal space and time to conduct their campaigns at open venues on the grounds, such as markets, according to Royal Thai Navy spokesperson Admiral Pokkrong Monthatpalin.

Candidates must obtain prior permission from each province’s election committee before being granted access. Emphasising the navy’s support for the election and the desire for well-informed personnel, Adm. Pokkrong stated that military officers are legally required to act impartially. Disciplinary action may be taken against any personnel found to be assisting candidates or favouring a specific political campaign.

Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) is grateful for the latest Suan Dusit Poll results, which showed that voters believe he is the best prime ministerial candidate to resolve ongoing political conflicts. Charnkrit Detchawitak, spokesperson for the PPRP’s election strategy committee, said that Gen. Prawit appreciates the personal endorsement but also recognises the efforts of his colleagues.

In particular, Gen. Prawit attributed the success to the PPRP’s key election manifesto and its aim to “lead the country out of conflict,” which he considers crucial for the nation to make a fresh start. Gen Prawit has committed to establishing a panel to select the most feasible election promises from rival parties and incorporate them into government policies if the PPRP leads the formation of the next administration.

Former supermodel Rasamee “Lookmee” Thongsiripraisri was recently named a deputy spokesperson for the Democrat Party. Her appointment expands the growing team of deputy spokespersons campaigning in the lead-up to the May 14 General Election.

Rasamee, also an actress, writer, and owner of a modelling school, stated that she decided to join the Democrats because she admires the party’s unwavering commitment to the rule of constitutional monarchy and its unblemished record.

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