Judicial penalty box: ‘Uncle Thotsaphon’ slapped with jail time and 70,000 baht fine for assaulting political leader

Srisuwan Janya being attacked by Thotsaphon Thanannonsophonkul. Picture courtesy of Bangkok Post.

The judicial court issued a six-month imprisonment and over 70,000 baht fine to a retired official, known as “Uncle Thotsaphon,” for assaulting and defaming the political leader of the Love the Nation organisation.

The assault incident, which took place outside the Election Commission Office at the Government Complex Building B on 11 May, occurred after 54 year old Srisuwan Janya lodged a complaint against 67 year old Thotsaphon Thanannonsophonkul at Thungsonghong Police Station.

Following the assault incident, Thotsaphon was brought before the Thungsonghong Police Station’s inquiry officer, who filed two charges against him: bodily harm and defamation. He was subsequently summoned to acknowledge the assault and defamation charges on the political leader on May 18, after which he was prosecuted at the Don Mueang District Court under Criminal Code Sections 91, 295, and 393.

On October 3, the Don Mueang District Court ruled that Thotsaphon was guilty under Criminal Code Sections 295 and 393. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined 20,000 baht, in accordance with Criminal Code Section 91 for causing bodily harm to another person. However, Thotsaphon confessed, which led to a reduction in the sentence by half.

The court saw fit to give him a chance to reform and suspended the sentence for one year. If he fails to pay the fine, the court will proceed under Criminal Code Sections 29 and 30.

Furthermore, the court also ordered Thotsaphon to compensate Srisuwan with a sum of 50,420 baht, along with an annual interest rate of 5% from the day of the offence until full payment, reports Sanook.

Srisuwan stated that the verdict, although requiring Thotsaphon to compensate 50,420 baht, must be respected.

“It serves as a lesson to those who consider themselves above the law. In the past, there has been no sign of support from the cheerleading crowd or politicians, with whom Thotsaphon has taken photos or shared the stage.

“He had to stand alone and fight his case in court. Therefore, I warn all those who are fond of condemning, regardless of their political colour, that the law must be respected.”

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