Father’s daring rescue saves child from watery dock gap at Italian harbour (video)

Photo: by Sizun Eye, on Flickr.

An eight year old child lost his balance and fell into a small gap in the dock in Salerno, Italy, resulting in a distressing event. The boy’s father lost no time in jumping into the water to save his child in a heart-stopping act of parental love and instinct.

As a terrible twist of fate, their adventure took a terrifying turn when they discovered themselves stuck beneath a nearby boat, worsening an already unpleasant scenario. The mother’s heartbreaking screams, which echoed her frantic, “Where is my child?” cry, contributed to the worrying situation.

The unfortunate family, believed to be from northern Europe, planned a relaxing visit to Salerno. At the time of the accident, they were strolling around the harbour. The boy had strayed from his family and was running along the harbour’s walkway when he slipped and fell into the gap between the dock and a moored leisure boat, disappearing into the water.

Simultaneously, his father, who had witnessed the incident, quickly jumped in to assist his son, but they both ended up trapped under the boat.

On seeing her husband and son stuck under the boat, the mother screamed in despair, yelling, “Where are they?” However, the situation was quickly handled by security officials and Good Samaritans.

A rope was thrown into the water for the eight year old to grab, and he was safely pulled out of the water. Assistance was then provided to the father, reported Khaosod.

Furthermore, the report added that both the father and son were safely rescued from the water without any injuries. However, it seems that the family was left slightly shaken and terrified by the incident.

The severity of the situation underpins the importance of constant vigilance, especially in potentially dangerous areas such as harbours, to prevent such unfortunate incidents from occurring again.

Video via Khaosod

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