Political activist tries to derail Chadchart’s Governor election victory

A political activist is trying to derail Chadchart Sittipunt’s Bangkok Governor election victory.

The 56 year old politician claimed a landslide victory in the first gubernational election held in the city since 2013, winning almost 52% of the vote. But, following a complaint by Srisuwan Janya, the Election Commission has postponed the endorsement of the election result until this afternoon pending an investigation.

Srisuwan has questioned whether Chadchart had a hidden agenda when he used vinyl fabric in the making of his posters and whether the fabric has been recycled into bags and aprons. It is bizarrely alleged his election sign recycling campaigns could be proven as election fraud.

The EC say they had to investigate whether Chadchart’s recycling could make his election win dishonest and be seen as bribery.

Chadchart says he is not worried about the complaint, and is ready to explain to the EC if required to do so.

The EC will reconvene today at 1:30pm to reconsider the matter before officially announcing the result of the name of the new Bangkok Governor.

Source Thai PBS

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