Move Forward Party vows to take down ‘Three Por’ generals

Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat vows to end the powerful Three Por clique and rewrite Thailand‘s constitution.

The 42 year old MP announced at a campaign event in Chiang Mai on Saturday that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, and Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda, were the root cause of Thailand’s problems and they need to go for the good of the kingdom’s health.

The MFP, which aims to end monopolies, push for law changes, and create a welfare state, vowed to remove the Three Por Generals and rewrite the 2017 constitution, which was deemed by Pita as “drafted by power-obsessed individuals.”

The party also unveiled its potential election picks for Lamphun, Mae Hong Song and Chiang Mai.

The MFP leader pledged to push for a referendum for a new constitution within 100 days of forming a government, to ensure that the Three Por clique is removed from politics for good.

“It is the government who is steadfastly refusing to change its ways despite the changed realities on the ground, as reflected in public feedback on the campaign trail in favour of a new approach,” said Pita, rejecting criticism that the MFP is taking its desire for change to the extremes.

The MFP’s progressive liquor bill, which was shot down in its second and third readings in the House last year, sought to amend the Excise Tax Act and break the monopoly held by a few corporate distillers, allowing small-scale producers to enter the market.

The MFP leader also stressed once again the party would not join hands with pro-regime parties such as Palang Pracharath and United Thai Nation when coalition talks start after the election, reported Bangkok Post.

“We will not join hands with pro-regime parties such as Palang Pracharath, and United Thai Nation when coalition talks start after the election.”

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