Chuwit stirs up nest of triad rats

'And out of the houses the rats came tumbling'

The pied piper of Bangkok, Chuwit Kamolvisit, is whistling out another nest of triad rats.

King Rat, toots Chuwit, is none other than a certain Chinese national known as Yu Xinqi.

Triads show up in Thailand under the protection of Yu’s “Shaanxi Association of Thailand,” nothing more than a trafficking ring that allows the wrong sort of Chinese people to flood across Thailand’s welcoming borders, fumed the keyboard vigilante.

Wonders of Shaanxi

Shaanxi is a Chinese province, considered one of the cradles of Chinese civilisation. Capital, Xi’an, is one of the four great ancient capitals of China and is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, which leads to Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.

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The Shaanxi Association of Thailand, however, is nothing more than a front for triad activity, a nest of triad rats, forging relationships with Thai establishment figures including senior monks, at least according to Chuwit’s Facebook rant.

Bird has flown

The jaded tycoon has made a series of allegations that have completely upended a national police investigation into Chinese gangs operating in the kingdom. As with many of the piper’s timely toots, the bird – in this case, Yu – has long since flown. After years of hugely successful operations, the criminal mastermind has fled, just like that. Just in time.

The Shaanxi Association of Thailand, Chuwit said, established connections with the Thai military and police officers before launching their operations in Thailand.

Defending the monarchy

Getting into his stride, Chuwit’s Facebooking went on to gush about Move Forward Party MP Rangsiman Rome’s “defence of the monarchy” during Wednesday’s Parliamentary debate on triads.

Rangsiman also thanked Chuwit for giving him information to use against the government in a two-day debate. It’s pretty clear that Chuwit has a lot of information up his sleeve and he plans to disclose it whenever he reckons he’ll get the most Facebook “likes” – national interest notwithstanding.

Rangsiman accused the government of delays in tackling triads allegedly run by Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanant and his chums. He also alleged that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had personally failed to follow up on the case.

Rangsiman smells a rat

Rangsiman speculated that the delay may be connected to a company run by Prayut’s nephew.

“Tuhao” rented at least 33 tour buses from a construction firm run by the PM’s young relative. (Why a construction firm has 33 tour buses for hire is a separate matter entirely.)

Rangsiman suggested that it wasn’t just a questionable deal involving some outings for tourists to Pattaya and the local outlet centre. He thinks these were the actual buses used to carry thousands of Chinese crooks into the nest of triad rats that Thailand has become.

He also claimed that ex-Palang Pracharath Party MP Thammanat Prompao and Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Anucha Nakasai have strong triad connections.

Rangsiman shot to fame as a political activist following the May 22, 2014 coup, campaigning for democracy at universities and on the national level.

Rangsiman, the hunter

He applied to be a member of the now-dissolved Future Forward Party (FFP) in 2018, and went on to become a party list MP in the 2019 general election. After the dissolution of the FFP, Rangsiman and another 53 MPs moved to the MFP.

During previous debates in parliament, he has not been shy of putting himself in the limelight, taking aim at issues related to graft in the police force, particularly alleged buying of police positions.

Chuwit stirs up nest of triad rats | News by Thaiger

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