Death Wish Thailand: Who is ‘Inspector Sua’?

Chuwit toots on senior police officer’s gambling business

Lt-Colonel Wasawat Mookarasakul, the senior police officer named as “Inspector Sua” in an explosive Facebook post last week, has been suspended from duty pending an investigation by the Crime Suppression Division (CSD).

When the Central Investigation Bureau promises a straightforward investigation that is “strictly in line with the law,” questions have to be asked about what goes on during other investigations.

Meticulous investigation

Do some investigations break the law? Are some of the Central Investigation Bureau’s (CIB) investigations bending the law, but only a little bit? Are some of these so-call investigations quite fast and loose with the law? Are there some statistics on the matter, or was CIB commissioner Pol Lt-General Jirabhop Bhuridej only stating an opinion yesterday? Does the CIB stick “strictly” to the law only when investigating its own?

Jirabhop said on Saturday that the CSD, would “carefully” look into information related to 11 companies belonging to Lt-Colonel Wasawat Mookarasakul, a refreshing confidence boost to law-abiding citizens everywhere.

Wasawat is accused by Chuwit Kamolvisit, a former politician and businessman-cum-keyboard-vigilante. Chuwit previously referred to Wasawat by the nickname “Inspector Sua,” but in an explosive Facebook post on Thursday night named him, adding that those involved in online gambling knew the officer as “Sua of Pentor Group.”

On Friday, the Lt-Colonel was suspended from duty.

Wasawat has stakes in at least 10 companies used for money laundering, Chuwit alleges.

Pentor empire

According to Chuwit, Wasanat’s business interests include the Pentor Exchange (FX), PT Software, Pentor Property, Pentor Entertainment (operator of Tomorrow Land Exclusive Lounge and Dubai Luxury Club in Bangkok), Snocko Technology (computer personnel), AMB Games, healthcare platform Esyms, the Pentor Group Savings and Credit Cooperative, and Lalisa 2020, a massage parlour operator.

Inexplicably referring to Wasawat as “Inspector Sua,” Jirabhop shot back…

“We will find out if any money is being laundered through these companies. We will also question Inspector Sua and other people if necessary. Things will be dealt with in line with the law.”

Jirabhop has set up a team to kick the can down the road, assigning men to collect evidence and find witnesses. Strictly legal action against anyone involved in wrongdoing, as it inevitably does when the CSI investigates.

Chuwit alleged that “Inspector Sua,” a police lieutenant colonel in the Royal Thai Police’s Logistics Office, was behind the operation of an online gambling platform. Chuwit – who previously owned six massage parlours before becoming a celebrity custodian of public morals – also claimed that Inspector Sua was being protected by “General J.”

When will all this “Inspector Gadget” nickname nonsense stop?

When will Chuwit pass on everything he knows to the cops and seal his blabbering lips?

The self-publicity is becoming more wearying than the actual events Chuwit claims to be exposing.

Chuwit’s network

One suspects that the “Tub King” emeritus may not be the anti-corruption cat playing with the Royal Thai Police mouse that he appears to be. Despite the Charles Bronson Deathwish-style shades and decrepitude, the likelihood is that Chuwit will turn out to be a frolicsome kitten toying with a scorpion. His vast knowledge (or imagination) must have been acquired somehow. His vast network of informants, spies and traitors must incur some very high costs.

The CIB chief on Saturday thanked Chuwit for the information and thanked the national police chief, Pol General Damrongsak Kittiprapas, for placing his trust in the CSD.

Most worryingly, Jirabhop said…

“I can confirm that we will do our utmost.”

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