Hua Hin to sterilise 600 monkeys in effort to control numbers

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Thai PBS World reports that Hua Hin is launching a mass sterilisation of monkeys in an effort to manage the population. The programme is being run by Thailand’s National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation department, and will see 600 long-tailed macaque monkeys sterilised.

The monkeys are in the Khao Takiab and Khan Hin Lek Fai hill of Hua Hin, and the sterilisation programme is set to run until September 7. It’s hoped that these measures to control the monkey population will alleviate problems caused to those who encounter them, including the many tourists who visit the region.

Busaba Chokesuchart, vice-mayor of Hua Hin says there are about 3,000 macaques on Khao Takiab Hill and that it’s important to repeat the sterilisation programme regularly to ensure numbers don’t get out of control.

In addition to sterilisation, the programme also provides the opportunity for the health of the monkeys to be assessed, with department veterinarian Laksana Prasitchai ensuring they don’t have any communicable diseases that could be passed to humans or other animals.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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