Camera captures rare footage of tiger at Kanchanaburi national park

PHOTO: Nation Thailand

A camera installed by rangers at Khao Laem National Park, in the western province of Kanchanaburi, has captured rare footage of a tiger patrolling the park. The discovery has been confirmed by park chief, Thewin Mesub.

“This sighting of a tiger proves that natural resources in Khao Laem are still abundant, and that park rangers have done a great job protecting the forest. For years, our staff have patrolled Khao Laem to prevent illegal hunting and make the area a safe sanctuary for wildlife in Kanchanaburi and connecting provinces.”

According to a report in Nation Thailand, Khao Laem encompasses approximately 1,500 kilometres of Kanchanaburi, and connects the Thung Yai Wildlife Sanctuary and Lam Klong Ngu National Park. Last week, it was reported that a park ranger had drowned on his way back from installing cameras to capture footage of wild animals in the park. It’s understood he was attempting to cross a creek which had exceptionally high water levels due to recent heavy rainfall.

Efforts are underway to increase the wild tiger population in Thailand, with a number of recent sightings caught on camera in the west of the country. There are currently believed to be fewer than 150 tigers living in the wild.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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