Overseas voting dates set for Thai election: Apr 25-May 5

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Ahead of the Thai General Election set for May 14, eligible Thai voters who reside overseas will have the opportunity to cast their votes between April 25 and May 5. The specific date within this period on which Thais can vote will be determined by the Thai embassy and consulate in each respective country, according to Sawaeng Boonmee, secretary-general for the Election Commission (EC).

In a conversation with the Foreign Ministry, Boonmee mentioned that they are anticipating some difficulties with overseas voting in Sudan, a northeast African nation currently dealing with a civil war.

A collaborative effort involving the Thai EC, the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Consular Affairs, Airports of Thailand, Thailand Post, and Thai Airways International will ensure that the overseas ballot papers are delivered securely. They will be transported in diplomatic pouches or personally handed over by embassy officials to the EC by May 9. The ballots will then be forwarded individually to the 400 constituencies based on the registered location of each voter. The overseas vote-counting will occur simultaneously with the votes cast at local polling stations on May 14, reports Bangkok Post.

In an official press release, the EC detailed the following:

• The establishment of 128 committees tasked with examining and investigating any petitions filed against the election results.
• The formation of 88 intelligence teams dedicated to gathering information that will be used in EC investigations relating to all petitions.
• The creation of 400 rapid deployment teams, responsible for preventing and suppressing election fraud, and for the arrest and detention of individuals suspected of violating election and political party laws. The scope of their operations will encompass all 77 provinces of Thailand.
• The foundation of a centralised location for overseeing investigations and receiving complaints about election fraud.
• The launch of the ตาสับปะรด app, which enables people to report instances of vote-buying to the EC. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

The forthcoming election has prompted increased vigilance and a concerted effort to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. Eligible Thai citizens, both in Thailand and abroad, can have confidence in the measures being put in place to ensure a fair and transparent voting experience. As Thailand moves toward this important democratic milestone, citizens and officials alike must remain vigilant to uphold the values of political freedom and fair competition.

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