EC addresses rumours of incomplete voter information documents in Thailand

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The Election Commission of Thailand (EC) issued a statement today to clarify the wave of online news claiming that some electoral registration documents with details of certain candidates had been printed with errors, labelling it as fake news. The EC said…

The Election Commission office confirms that the aforementioned news is not a factual error.”

Additionally, the EC pointed out that upon inspection, electoral registration documents were found to be complete and carefully checked before being sent to citizens’ homes. Furthermore, the EC emphasised that the matter is currently under investigation and if any fabrication is found, it would “pursue an investigation to proceed with legal action.” The organisation also affirmed that it operates in accordance with the law and upholds the principle of integrity.

This clarification comes after posts on social media claimed that one version of the electoral registration documents was missing information about some political parties, such as the Pheu Thai Party and the Progressive Movement, which are often perceived as rivals to the government. This led to questions being raised from various sources.

Not only that, the allegations arose amid a wave of criticism against the EC concerning other matters, such as trips to observe foreign election procedures in the run-up to elections, distributed voting cards that did not feature candidate names, and parties or constituencies.

In response to these concerns, the EC has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and urged the Thai people to exercise discernment while considering the validity of online news reports. The commission’s commitment to uphold the principles of honesty and integrity in the electoral process remains unwavering, ensuring fair and just elections for all Thai citizens.

Electoral process

As a trusted institution responsible for organising and administering elections in Thailand, the EC has faced challenges in maintaining the credibility of the electoral process. This series of online misinformation attacks aimed at the electoral body’s reputation serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and verification of facts before participating in the spread of potentially divisive fake news.

Efforts to preserve the sanctity and fairness of the electoral process are critical in upholding the democratic values and principles of the country, and the EC’s steadfast stance against false information is pivotal in maintaining trust and confidence from the Thai people.

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