Thailand’s Prayut to hold public forum on economy

Prayuth, Photo by PM Prayuth.

Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-o-cha announced yesterday at a cabinet meeting that the government will hold a public forum on the economy. The date for the forum has not yet been announced. PM Prayut said the government is trying to ensure better welfare for elderly citizens and vulnerable groups in Thailand. He said it wants to introduce measures to help medium-sized and large businesses as they are the main sources of employment.

Prayut said Songkran marks a new beginning to take Thailand into the future, and rehabilitate it’s economy. He said the government’s new economic plan hopes to boost the tourism sector, exports, and investment. The government, Prayut said, has allocated hundreds of billions of baht to help farmers grow Thailand’s six main cash crops: rice, cassava, oil palm, rubber plants, sugar cane and maize.

Prayut said the government has spent more than 800 billion baht on caring for elderly citizens.

Meanwhile, he worries about Thais’ spending habits.

“Their daily spending accounts for almost 50% of their income or even more because they don’t earn much… They have to change”.

Asked whether he would be taking part in the forum, Gen Prayut said he would only deliver a speech at the opening. However he will be kept up-to-date with information from officials in attendance. At the forum, the government will hear what the business sector has to say about economic solutions.

Prayut is not the only official announcing grand plans to recover Thailand’s economy. Last month, Phuket provincial governor Narong said the provincial government will work with local government organisations to create 10,000 vacancies. The vacancies, he said, would pay the minimum wage of 336 baht per day, for 20 days per month, and would last for four months. The total salaries would be 6,720 baht per month. Narong said…

“At least they will be able to feed themselves”.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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