Young woman attacked with razors over 250 baht in southern Thailand

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A loan shark chased a debtor for 750 baht debt yesterday in Phattalung province, southern Thailand. When the debtor coughed up only 500 baht, she was attacked by around 20 people over the remaining 250 baht. The gang slashed her with razors all over her body causing serious injury.

At 2am today, officers at Mueang Phatthalung Police Station were called to a roadside kratom juice stall along the Petchkasem Road in Khao Chia subdistrict, reports Matichon.

Police found 22 year old “Ploy” seriously injured and covered in blood and wounds. Ploy sustained a 15 centimetre long wound on her neck, a stab wound on her ribcage, three wounds on her head, a torn right ear lobe, and stab wounds on her left fingers. She was rushed to the hospital for urgent treatment.

Ploy’s friend “Dream,” said that she and Ploy went to an entertainment venue together last night where they bumped into two enemies, “Mai” and “May.” A fight broke out behind the venue over Ploy’s 750 baht debt.

The debtor transferred 500 baht and asked to repay the missing 250 baht later. Then, Ploy and three friends left the venue on a motorbike, but the loan sharks had already called for backup. As she tried to leave, Ploy was stopped by two cars.

Next thing she knew, Ploy was swarmed by around 20 people who beat her, stamped on her, and slashed her with razors. One of them stabbed her in the left ribcage with a car key.

Ploy’s friend carried her away from the scene on a motorbike until asking for help from the roadside kratom juice stall.

Police are questioning a group of people who were allegedly involved in the attack. Police are also in the process of examining CCTV footage to track down all of the perpetrators so they can be prosecuted according to the law.

Usually, it is the debtor who ends up hurt – or dead – when they cannot meet the repayment requirements of their informal loan in Thailand. Although, in March, the body of a loan shark was found in a river in Chumphon, southern Thailand, missing 220,000 baht worth of gold jewellery, after she failed to return from a meeting with a debtor.

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