UPDATE: Poisonous gas another cause of death in Bangkok sewer tragedy

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Another worker from the Bangkok sewer tragedy died in hospital this afternoon. Officials said the cause of death could be a combination of electrocution, a lack of air, and poisonous gas in the sewer.

In total, three electrical workers died, 26 year old Thosapol Faksawat, 23 year old Warawut U-Nath, and 37 year old Direk Intarangsee who lost his fight for life later on this afternoon in hospital.

The inspector of police, and officers from the Public Work Department, Environment Department, Disease Control Department, Pollution Control Department, and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, all put their heads together to try and determine the cause of the death.

Their report revealed the sewer, which is 3 metres in width, 4 metres in length, and 4 metres in depth, is located behind a car park of a mixed-use building in Bang Na.

Officers from the Pollution Control Department, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, used a gas detector to measure the amount and types of gas in the sewer. The amount of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia exceeded the standard at a fatal level.

The Superintendent of Bang Na Police Station, Ekmonsek Trakunpanich, informed the media that the amount of gas in the sewer could be another cause of death. However, the police still have not concluded the case. Ekmonsek said the investigation is still ongoing.

SOURCE: Channel 7

ORIGINAL STORY: 2 workers die, 2 injured in Bangkok electrocution tragedy

Police have launched an investigation into the death of two electrical workers and serious injury to two other men who were electrocuted in a sewer near Wat Bang Nai Temple.

The three electrical workers, 37 year old Direk Intarangsee, 23 year old Warawut U-Nath, and 26 year old Thosapol Faksawat, yesterday were installing an electrical system inside the sewer in front of a condo near Bangna Nai Temple, Sukhumvit Road, Bangna subdistrict, Bang Na District, when they were electrocuted and lost consciousness.

The condo’s security guard, 37 year old Sarima Wakachi, was also electrocuted and lost consciousness when he climbed into the sewer to help the three workers.

Police officers, medical staff, and rescuers dashed to the scene and took more than 20 minutes to haul the victims back up to the surface. Oxygen and a heart pump were used trying to revive the unconscious men, but Pol Lt-Colonel Yuthasin Karin, deputy superintendent of Bang Na Police Station, revealed that Thosapol and Warawut died on their way to the hospital for treatment. The other two men were in stable condition.

Yuthasin stated that the water pipe was open and the power switch might have been switched on causing the electrocution.

Yuthasin added that the Department of Health and police officers will survey the scene and summon related parties for an investigation.

SOURCE: Thailand Post

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