UPDATE: Mother who pimped out 9 year old daughter jailed alongside 2 pedophiles


The Criminal Court of Thailand yesterday jailed a mother of two, who pimped out her 9 year old daughter into prostitution, and two pedophiles.

Under Thai indecency law, an offence to a child not yet over 15 years of age, shall be punished with imprisonment of 10 to 20 years, and fined between 20,000 to 40,000 baht, or imprisonment for life, or death. But, considering the 26 year old mother confessed to her crime, and gave information to the police leading to the arrest of 2 other suspects, her sentence could be lighter.

The Superintendent of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, Pattanapong Sripinphro, reported the mother, Chantra, confessed to her crime and helped police arrest 2 other suspects.

The first suspect was a 33 year old man, named Tossapon, who paid the mother for having sex with the child. The second suspect was a 58 year old man, called Shakelev, who bought a sex video from the mother.

Tossapon confessed to having sex with the child but didn’t ask the mother to record the act on video. He said the mother did it by herself. Shakelev refused to comment, adding he will speak only in court.

Pattanapong revealed that the mother confessed she forced her child into prostitution 5 times, not once as she said before. Police reported the mother’s bank account was in credit by 100,000 baht. Chantra confessed most of the money came from selling porn.

Pattanapong reported that the mother had deleted all of the sex videos and chatroom history, but said the police would recover the data in time and find more suspects.

He added the male suspects would be questioned further to find out whether they had been involved in other similar acts of depravity.

The Criminal Court filed an objection to bail, and all 3 suspects were sent to jail while the police investigated and collected evidence to submit to the court.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mother arrested after forcing 9 year old daughter into prostitution

A mother was arrested yesterday for forcing her 9 year old daughter into prostitution.

The 26 year old woman, Chantra, was arrested after she posted sexy pictures of herself on Facebook, adding she had a child sex video and underage sex photos for sale. The post soon went viral on social media resulting in members of the public contacting police.

Police, and officers from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, immediately swooped and raided the mother of two’s home in Sara Buri province in central Thailand.

Chantra confessed a man contacted her via Facebook in April last year asking to have sex with her daughter in exchange for 3,000 baht. The woman says she took the money because her family was poor.

The young mother drove to a hotel in Nakhon Pathom province to meet the man and recorded him having sex with her daughter. She confessed she sold it to other men via Facebook for 500 to 800 baht at a time.

Chantra insists she did it only once but accepts what she did was wrong.

She is being further questioned by the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division with her daughter in Bangkok today.

Police haven’t filed any charges against the woman yet and she is helping officers search for the men involved in the child sex abuse.

Police identified the man from the video. He lived near a hotel where they met but he fled before the police arrived.

Chantra’s husband, and the girl’s stepfather, travelled to Nakhon Pathom with his wife and daughter on that day but says he was unaware of the setup.

Chantra told her husband she needed her daughter for a personal matter and asked him to wait in a nearby shopping mall. He didn’t think anything unusual was taking place and said his stepdaughter didn’t show any signs of distress after the event.

The husband added that he would take care of his 2 stepdaughters if Chantra gets imprisoned, admitting he loved the children like his biological daughter. He said he could support the children as he had work.

SOURCE: Thairath | PPTV HD | Channel 3

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