Thai man accuses 6 relatives of embezzling nearly 200 million baht

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A Thai man accused six relatives of embezzling nearly 200 million baht assets from him and his mother. The relatives allegedly took advantage of the mother’s illness and the man’s imprisonment to make wills and transfer property to themselves.

A 42 year old Thai man named Preecha and his 32 year old wife named Siriluck filed a complaint against six relatives at Rattanathibet Police Station on December 12. Preecha reported that he suspected the relatives of forging the signature of his mother, 88 year old Chum, to gain ownership of his mother’s assets worth nearly 200 million baht.

Preecha said he was arrested and detained in 2010. Shortly after he was sent to prison, his mother developed cancer and was admitted to a hospital in the central province of Nonthaburi.

While he was in prison, a relative visited him and asked him to sign a document. Preecha said he refused to sign because he did not know what the document was about. Preecha said he could not read or write and had finished his education at the age of 12.

A prison officer later asked him to sign a document that he believed was the same as the one his relative had bought. He decided to sign again, but the officer threatened him. He had to obey the officer’s order for his safety.

Relatives suspiciously become the first in line

After his release from prison in 2018, Preecha learned that the six relatives asked the court to appoint them as administrators of his mother’s will and assets. He was confused because administrators were unnecessary. He saw that the assets should go to him who is the only son after his mother passed away.

Moreover, Preecha found that his mother made a will to give plots of land valued at nearly 200 million baht to each relative. He checked the will and found that the signature looked different from his mother’s previous signatures.

Preecha added that some of the properties were sold for about 47 million baht including land and buildings on Rattanathibet Road in Nonthaburi province and 17,600 square metres of land in the Sai Noi district in Nonthaburi province. The relatives transferred only 4 million baht of the 47 million baht to his mother.

According to Preecha, the 160,000 square metres of land in the central province of Suphan Buri was also suspiciously transferred to six relatives. He wanted the police and relevant departments to investigate this matter and believed that all of the documents were issued illegally.

Rattanathibet Police Station officers are now questioning Preecha in detail and will later summon the relevant people for questioning.

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